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    Site Hoarding

    Storm Board is the only 100% recycled Site Hoarding board in the world, and what more it’s reusable, water resistant and doesn’t need painting. Graffiti cleans easily from the boards.

    Using Storm Board as Site Hoarding saves money, saves rainforest and saves landfill.


Site Hoarding  - Fencing

Site Hoarding with Storm Board is the only reusable and sustainable hoarding solution available.

Storm Board can be directly laminated to with vinyl and can be reused. Plywood hoarding needs to be painted, and is expensive to maintain as you can’t just jet wash it, or the wood will swell and rot. At the end of the hoarding these boards have to be land filled due to the toxic formaldehyde content.

In order to add graphics to the plywood hoardings, Aluminium composite PVC boards are printed and fixed to the plywood, which is very expensive, and once again land fill.

Do you want to use rain forest or recycled material for Site Hoarding?